Status Quo

  • Real Name: Francis Rossi
  • Birth Date: April 29th 1949
  • Birth Place: London
  • John Coghlan
  • September 1946
  • London
  • Alan Lancaster
  • February 7th 1949
  • London
  • Richard Harrison (Rick Parfitt)
  • October 12th 1948
  • Woking Surrey
  • Status Quo have been one of the most stable and enduring bands to emerge from the 1960s, and qualify as belonging to that rare musical breed who claim that their music has bridged generations.

    The group had previously recorded unsuccessfully as the 'Spectres' and the 'Traffic Jam' before finally settling on 'Status Quo'. This competent outfit had grown used to the failure of their discs and had settled into a life as backing musicians who toured with other top artists whenever the opportunity arose. However, their first single under their new name started a sequence of chart successes that few people dreamed would last several decades! Although its follow up fared less favourably they managed to consolidate their chart credentials with their third release which had been co-written by Marty Wilde.

    The group continued to enjoy hits until the end of 1970 and it then looked as though they would join the nostalgia circuit with most of the other groups of their era. However, Status Quo returned to chart in 1973 and made the next twenty eight years their most successful period! Although they can make no claim to be particularly influential or 'progressive' in their approach, they have always managed to produce hit records because they are catchy and enjoyable- fun to listen to. Long may they continue.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

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    Pye 7N17449 1968 Pictures Of Matchstick Men/ Gentleman Joe's Sidewalk Cafe #7
    Pye 7N17497 1968 Black Veils Of Melancholy/ To Be Free  
    Pye 7N17581 1968 Ice In The Sun/ When My Mind Is Not Live #8 
    Pye 7N17665 1969 Make Me Stay A Bit Longer/ Aunt Nellie  
    Pye 7N17728 1969 Are You Growing Tired Of My Love/ So Ends Another Life #46 
    Pye 7N17825 1969 The Price Of Love/ Little Miss Nothing  

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