Thunderclap Newman

  • Real Name: John Keen
  • Birth Date: 29th March 1945
  • Birth Place: Ealing, London
  • Andy Newman
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Jimmy McCulloch
  • 4th June 1953
  • Unknown
  • Although this group took its name from their keyboard player it was John Keen that sang vocals and wrote much of their material. Songwriter, Keen had written the song 'Armenian City In The Sky' for the Who and was subsequently encouraged by Pete Townshend to form the group. It was Pete Townshend that also produced their massive UK#1 'Something In the Air'. The record was so impressive, benefitting more than a little from the quirky piano style of Andy 'Thunderclap' Newman himself, that the band usually performed it live with an extra pair of musicians (Pitman Avory and Jack McCulloch) added to the group.

    Sadly, the group were never able to repeat the success of their original single and despite one minor hit in 1970 the group split at the end of that year. Jimmy McCulloch eventually joined Paul McCartney's 'Wings' and John 'Speedy' Keen began a solo career, as did Newman, before concentrating on producing.

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    Track 604031 1969 Something In The Air/ Wilhelmina #1

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