Tom Jones

  • Real Name: Thomas Jones Woodward
  • Birth Date: 7th June 1940
  • Birth Place: Pontypridd, Wales
  • Tom Jones was one of the legendary independent record producer Joe Meek's 'wannabe's and called himself Tommy Scott. Despite some initial singles cut at Joe's famous Holloway studio that were never released, this part of Tom's career drew little attention at the time. With his group called the Senators, his style was closer to American rock and roll than it would become. After returning to Wales, Tom decided to place himself under the management of fellow Welshman Gordon Mills who up until then had been a singer with the moderately successful 'Viscounts'.

    Even after gaining a contract to record with Decca things didn't change until the smash hit 'It's Not Unusual'; a song originally intended for Sandie Shaw, co-written by Mills with Les Reed. This was the second attempt at the charts by the renamed singer and his group who had also changed their name to the 'Squires'. This one single was to forge the path of his whole career. The style was neither rock and roll, nor 'MOR', but somewhere in between. He could therefore capture record buyers across a broad spectrum without becoming stereotyped as belonging to one musical genre or another. This formula worked well although, like most singers, he gradually pushed himself nearer to 'MOR', and finally 'country', as his audience matured.

    Tom Jones had three EPs released in the UK during the 1960s- only "On Stage" is particularly easy to find now; with a sleeve picture showing the singer's back! The most sought after of the other EPs is "Tom Jones" which- unusually for an EP bearing the artist's name as its title- is the most difficult of all to obtain. However, the EP cover displayed here isn't a UK issue at all, but does have quite a decent picture of the singer in his youth. This particular issue actually first saw the light of day in Hong Kong. Judging by the fact that I've seen this EP on a number of occasions, there must have been quite a few people in the far east during 1966 who were longing for the green grass of home.
    By the early 1970s, with a huge international following, Tom moved himself to the USA and spent his time performing in expensive cabaret venues like those in Las Vegas. He would spend most of the next twenty years playing this role of international 'Super Star' before returning to the enthusiasm of his original audience in the UK.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

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    • Collector's Items are shown In Red
    • For EP discography see table below

    Decca F11966 1964 Chills And Fever/ Breathless  
    Decca F12062 1965 It's Not Unusual/ To Wait For Love #1 
    Decca F12121 1965 Once Upon A Time/ I Tell The Sea #32
    Decca F12191 1965 With These Hands/ Untrue #13
    Decca F12203 1965 What's New Pussycat/ Rose #11
    Decca F12292 1965 Thunderball/ Key To My Heart #35
    Decca F12315 1966 To Make A Big Man Cry/ I'll Never Give Away Love  
    Decca F12349 1966 Stop Breaking My Heart/ Never Give Away Love  
    Decca F12390  1966 Once There Was A Time/ Not Responsible #18
    Decca F12461 1966 This And That/ City Girl #44
    Decca F22511 1966 Green Green Grass Of Home/ If I Had You #1
    Decca F22555 1967 Detroit City/ If I Had You #8
    Decca F12599 1967 Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings #7
    Decca F12639 1967 I'll Never Fall In Love Again/ Things I Wanna Do #2
    Decca F12693 1967 I'm Coming Home/ The Lonely One #2
    Decca F12747 1968 Delilah/ Smile #2
    Decca F12812 1968 Help Yourself/ Day By Day #5
    Decca F12854 1968 A Minute Of Your Time/ Lokking Out My Window #14
    Decca F12924 1969 Love Me Tonight/ Hide And Seek #9
    Decca F12990 1969 Without Love/ The Man Who Knows Too Much #10
    Columbia DB7566 1965 Little Lonely One/ That's What We'll Do  
    Columbia DB7733 1965 Lonely Joe/ I Was A Fool  

    EP Discography

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    Decca DFE8617 1965 "On Stage" #3
     Bama Lama Bama Loo/I Can't Stop Loving You/Lucille/Little By Little
    Columbia SEG8464 1966 "Tom Jones"  
     Lonely Joe/I Was A Fool/Little Lonely One/That's What We'll Do
    Decca DFE8668 1966 "What A Party"  
    What A Party/Any Day Now/Promise Her Anything/It Ain’t Gonna Be That Way

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