• Real Name: Stephen Winwood
  • Birth Date: 12th May 1948
  • Birth Place: Birmingham
  • Christopher Blandford
  • 24th June 1944
  • Birmingham
  • James Capaldi
  • 24th August 1944
  • Evesham, Worcs
  • David Mason
  • 10th May 1946
  • Worcester
  • Traffic were the brainchild of Steve Winwood, who formed the group with three of his old friends from the Midlands, shortly after breaking away from Spencer Davis. The group's success with singles, perhaps, does not fully represent the group's influence or popularity. Maybe this reflects the trend away from 45s to albums that occurred at the end of the 1960s- presumably as a result of the increased spending power of record buyers. Whatever the reason, Traffic were massively popular and the four albums that they recorded during the 1960s sold well.

    The group certainly had its traumas and almost disappeared before the 1960s were out. Dave Mason had a shaky relationship with the group because his musical leanings didn't align with those of the other members and by 1969 he'd quit (although he had a brief reconcilliation during 1971). Shortly afterwards their 'final' album entitled 'Last Exit' was issued. Winwood even joined Eric Clapton in a new venture called 'Blind Faith' following the super-guitarist's departure from Cream. However, Traffic was soon reconsituted and then survived several changes of line-up through until the summer of 1974.

    Traffic were among the most progressive of the groups of the time and their handful of singles include some of the most evocative music of the era. 'Hole In My Shoe' is a superb example of the flower power era- revived years later by 'hippie' Neil from TV's 'Young Ones'. The more psychedelic 'Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush' from the movie of the same name catches the mood of the time with some precision.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

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    Island WIP6002 1967 Paper Sun/ Giving To You #5 
    Island WIP6017 1967 Hole In My Shoe/ Smiling Phases #2 
    Island WIP6025 1967 Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush/ Coloured Rain #8
    Island WIP6030 1968 No Name, No Face, No Number/ Roamin'In The Gloamin' With 40,000 Headmen #40
    Island WIP6041 1968 Feelin' Alright (sic)/ Withering Tree  
    Island WIP6050 1968 Medicated Goo/ Shanghai Noodle Factory  

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