• Real Name: Richard Westwood (Rick West)
  • Birth Date: 7th May 1943
  • Birth Place: Dagenham
  • Alan Blakely
  • April 1st 1942
  • Dagenham
  • Alan Howard
  • 17th October 1941
  • Dagenham
  • Dave Munden
  • 2nd December 1943
  • Dagenham
  • When Brian Poole parted company with the Tremeloes it looked as though the group would struggle for survival without him. However, whereas Poole sank almost without trace by the end of the 1960s, the Tremeloes continued in the same hit making vein they had when Brian Poole had shared the stage with them.

    Shortly after the split the Tremeloes also suffered a further personnel change leading to an eventual new bass player, Len 'Chip' Hawkes (born November 1946 in London). This change brought with it a competent vocalist and they began building an impressive list of chart entries which ran on in to the early 1970s.

    The group though popular were hardly progressive or innovative. Sadly, in an effort to show that they were changing and becoming more progressive they denounced their earlier material, alienating some fans. This may have hastened their demise, and by 1974 the band had dispersed.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Decca F12423 1966 Blessed/ The Right Time  
    CBS 202242 1966 Good Day Sunshine/ What A State I'm In  
    CBS 202519 1967 Here Comes My Baby/ Gentlemen Of Pleasure #4
    CBS 2723 1967 Silence Is Golden/ Let Your Hair Hang Down #1
    CBS 2889 1968 Helule Helule/ Girl From Nowhere #14
    CBS 2930 1967 Even The Bad Times Are Good/ Jenny's Alright (sic) #4
    CBS 3043 1967 Be Mine/ Suddenly Winter #39
    CBS 3234 1968 Suddenly You Love Me/ As You Are #6
    CBS 3443  1968 My Little Lady/ All The World To Me #6 
    CBS 3873 1968 I Shall Be Released/ I Miss My Baby #29
    CBS 4065 1969 Hello World/ Up Down All Around #14
    CBS 4313 1969 Once On A Sunday Morning/ Fa La La La La Le  
    CBS 4582 1969 (Call Me) Number One/ Instant Whip #2

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