• Real Name: Reg Ball (Presley)
  • Birth Date: 12th June 1944
  • Birth Place: Andover
  • Peter Staples
  • 3rd May 1944
  • Andover
  • Chris Britton
  • 21st January 1945
  • Watford
  • Ronnie Bond
  • 4th May 1943
  • Andover
  • The Troggs had a primitive rock and roll sound for the late 1960s; doubtless some of their numbers would have sounded right if played almost ten years earlier. Their strong Hampshire accents enhanced their rustic appeal and they were never overburdened with an expectation to be 'progressive' despite the era. They had started life as the Troglodytes, but after the loss of two members and gaining Britton and Staples from the remnant of a group called 'Ten Foot Five', they abbreviated to the Troggs.

    The group signed to the management of Larry Page who secured them an opportunity to record with CBS. Unfortunately, the resulting single - both sides of which had been written by Reg Ball- was largely ignored by record buyers. However, by then Page had started his new 'Page One' recording company and had secured distribution through Fontana. The group's next single 'Wild Thing' proved to be a refreshing contrast to the songs being produced by other bands of the time and it gave them their first hit going all the way to #2. The band then followed this with another Ball original, only by this time he had adopted the name Presley. Its sound contrasted well with their first hit and took them to #1, effectively consolidating their position as chartbreakers. A string of hits followed which further underpinned their songwriting skills, particularly those of Presley.

    The EP shown on the left (POE001) is effectively one of a pair issued during 1967- more or less at the time that the format started to become unfashionable. Record buyers were beginning to buy far more LPs ("albums") as the 1960s decade neared its end, so these Troggs EPs are particularly nice things to see.


    However, by 1968 the group's popularity had waned and though the flow of singles continued unabated the hits were absent. By the early 1970s the Troggs became subject to major personnel changes, but none improved their fortunes. They continued as a live act however, but as the 1970s drew to a close so too did the supply of 45s.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

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    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    CBS 202038 1966 Lost Girl/ The Yella In Me  
    Fontana TF689 1966 Wild Thing/ From Home #2
    Fontana TF717 1966 With A Girl Like You/ I Want You #1
    Page One POF001 1966 I Can't Control Myself/ Gonna Make You #2
    Page One POF010 1966 Any Way That You Want Me/ 6-5-4-3-2-1 #8
    Page One POF015 1967 Give It To Me/ You're Lyin' #12
    Page One POF022 1967 Night Of The Long Grass/ Girl In Black #17
    Page One POF030 1967 H Hi Hazel/ As I Ride By #42
    Page One POF040 1967 Love Is All Around/ When Will The Rain Come #5
    Page One POF056 1968 Little Girl/ Maybe The Madman #37
    Page One POF064 1968 Surprise Surprise/ Marbles And Some Gum  
    Page One POF082 1968 You Can Cry If You Want To/ There's Something About You  
    Page One POF092 1968 Hip HipHooray/ Say Darlin'  
    Page One POF114 1969 Evil Woman/ Sweet Madeline  
    Page One POF026 1969 Wild Thing/ I Can't Control Myself  

    1950s & 1960s UK EP Discography

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    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Page One POE001 1967 "Troggs Tops 1" #8
    Wild Thing/From Home/With A Girl Like You/I Want You 
    Page One POE002 1967 "Troggs Tops 2"  
    Anyway That You Want Me/I Can't Control Myself/Cousin Jane/Gonna Make You

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