Vince Hill

  • Real Name: (Vincent Hill ?)
  • Birth Date: April 16th 1937
  • Birth Place: Coventry, England
  • Vince Hill had musical ambitions that began in his childhood. Although he managed to obtain a number of amateur and professional engagements during his youth, his big break started in his mid-twenties when he was recruited by musician Len Beadle as part of a singing group called 'The Raindrops'. The group, who at one time appeared on TV's 'New Faces', obtained a two year regular feature on BBC Radio's 'Parade Of The Pops' on which they would sing the pop songs of the day. The other members of the group were Beadle, his wife Jackie (Lee) and future successful songwriter Johnny Worth (a.k.a Les Vandyke). Jackie Lee would also have a future career as a soloist and reached the chart on a couple of occasions- her best known work was 'White Horses' by 'Jacky'. In fact she recorded as 'Jacky', 'Jackie Lee' and 'Jackie Lee & The Raindrops' as well as just as a member of the 'Raindrops'.

    Vince Hill too tried his hand at solo work and managed to obtain a minor hit with his first single. It was sufficient to get him noticed and to secure a regular appearance on ITV's 'Stars And Garters' show alongside Tommy Bruce and Kathy Kirby. However, his output of good singles for Piccadilly were largely ignored and the singer transferred to EMI's Columbia label. Vince's style really belonged to an earlier musical era and his output of ballads remained fairly low key until he gained a major hit with 'Edelweiss'- a song which suited his style perfectly and assured his future singing career. This was so successful that it prompted Pye to release a couple from the 'vault' of their Piccadilly offshoot.

    Vince managed to sustain a steady trickle of hit singles into the 1970s and remained in the public eye through his regular TV appearances including his own series. However, during the 1980s he turned his attentions to the night club scene and, even now, can still be found in the occasional cabaret.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Piccadilly 7N35043 1962 The River's Run Dry/ Not Any More #41
    Piccadilly 7N35068 1962 There You Go/ Just As Long As (You Belong To Me)  
    Piccadilly 7N35108 1963 Day At The Seaside/ Tricks Of The Trade  
    Piccadilly 7N35118 1963 As It Was Written/ Is There Anyone At Home  
    Piccadilly 7N35148 1963 Blue Velvet/ Like Anything  
    Piccadilly 7N35161 1964 If You Knew/ Fools And Lovers  
    Piccadilly 7N35192 1964 It's Only Make Believe/ Let The Wind Blow  
    Columbia DB7458 1965 And The Heavens Cried/ Living Without Love  
    Columbia DB7599 1965 Unexpectedly/ Looking At Me  
    Columbia DB7668 1965 I Could Have Loved You So Well/ Yesterday's Hero  
    Columbia DB7781 1965 Take Me To Your Heart Again/ Push Push #13
    Columbia DB7852 1966 Heartaches/ She's Everything #28
    Columbia DB7924 1966 Merci Cheri/ Can't Believe My Eyes #36
    Columbia DB7989 1966 The Better To Love You/ Love Me True  
    Columbia DB8042 1966 Invisible Tears/ Don't Count On Me  
    Columbia DB8127 1967 Edelweiss/ Woman Needs Love #2
    Columbia DB8185 1967 Roses Of Picardy/ Micky Dunne #13
    Pye 7N17293 1967 If You Knew/ Blue Velvet  
    Columbia DB8236 1967 When The World Is Ready/ When You Go  
    Pye 7N17373 1967 Not Anymore/ Just As Long As Yo Belong To Me  
    Columbia DB8268 1967 Love Letters In The Sand/ My Favourite Colour Is Blue #23
    Columbia DB8305 1967 Why Can't I Remember/ Why Or Where Or When  
    Columbia DB8363 1968 Can't Keep You Out Of My Heart/ I Can't Make It Alone  
    Columbia DB8414 1968 The Importance Of Your Love/ Dream Dream A Dream  
    Columbia DB8470 1968 Yoiu Forgot To Remember/ So Near And Yet So Far Away  
    Columbia DB8515 1968 Doesn't Anyone Know My Name/ Dream Of Tomorrow #50
    Columbia DB8546 1969 The Wonderful Season Of Love/ There Is So Much In My Heart  
    Columbia DB8598 1969 That Wonderful Sound/ How Long  
    Columbia DB8616 1969 Little Bluebird/ Alouette Alouette #42
    Columbia DB8658 1969 Don't Speak Of Love/ Jasmin  
    Columbia DB8684 1969 Here We Go Round Again/ Someday My Love  

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