• Real Name: Keith Relf
  • Birth Date: 22nd March 1943
  • Birth Place: Richmond Surrey
  • Paul Samwell Smith
  • 8th May 1943
  • Twickenham Surrey
  • Eric Clapp (Clapton)
  • 30th March 1945
  • Ripley Surrey
  • Real Name: Chris Dreja
  • Birth Date: 11th November 1945
  • Birth Place: Surbiton Surrey
  • Jim McCarty
  • 25th July 1943
  • Liverpool
  • Jeff Beck
  • 24th June 1944
  • Wallington
  • Jimmy Page
  • 9th April 1944
  • London
  • The Yardbirds original line-up had not included Eric Clapton who had been brought in to replace their previous lead guitarist, Tony Topham. However, it soon became Clapton who drew the audiences with the precision of his play. The group had started out as a dedicated R&B outfit like the Rolling Stones, and in fact one of their first successes was to take over the residency from that band at the Crawdaddy Club in Richmond.

    The group's first singles were not a great commercial success, though aided by a BBC ban their second release 'Good Morning Little Schoolgirl' got to #44. Their next single, the much more commercial 'For Your Love', did much better. However, the choice of this material was too much for Clapton who already had difficulties in his relationship with Samwell Smith. He decided that his future was in 'blues' not 'pop' and immediately left to join John Mayall's Bluesbreakers. This could have spelt the end for the Yardbirds who had built up a reputation largely based upon Clapton's guitar skills. They were very fortunate indeed to replace him with no other than Jeff Beck.

    Despite Clapton's misgivings 'Heart Full Of Soul' was the beginning of a nice clutch of high flying singles for the group. In the middle of 1966, Samwell Smith decided that he'd had enough and wanted a career in A&R. Amazingly, the group found another great guitarist to replace him in former session man, Jimmy Page. Sadly, the prospect of Page and Beck together did not last long and Jeff Beck had quit before the end of the year. The band weren't so lucky this time and, under the guidance of failed pop star turned producer Mickie Most, they began recording pop records which finally confirmed Clapton's earlier fears.

    The Yardbirds' final split came during early 1968, and only Page managed to go on to greater things. He tried to reconstitute the unit as the 'New Yardbirds' which within a few months had evolved into 'Led Zeppelin'.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

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    Columbia DB7283 1964 I Wish You Would/ A Certain Girl  
    Columbia DB7391 1964 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl/ I Ain't Got You #44
    Columbia DB7499 1965 For Your Love/ Got To Hurry #3
    Columbia DB7594 1965 Heart Full Of Soul/ Steeled Blues #2
    Columbia DB7706 1965 Evil Hearted You/ Still I'm Sad #3
    Columbia DB7848 1966 Shapes Of Things/ You're A Better Man Than I #3
    Columbia DB7928 1966 Over Under Sideways Down/ Jeff's Boogie #10
    Columbia DB8024 1966 Happenings Ten Years Time Ago #43
    Columbia DB8165 1967 Little Games/ Puzzles  

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