The Zombies

  • Real Name: Rod Argent
  • Birth Date: June 14th 1945
  • Birth Place: St. Albans, Herts
  • Colin Blunstone
  • June 24th 1945
  • St. Albans, Herts
  • Hugh Grundy
  • March 6th 1945
  • Winchester, Hants
  • Paul Atkinson
  • March 19th 1946
  • Cuffley, Herts
  • Chris White
  • March 7th 1943
  • Barnet, London
  • This five piece beat ensemble first came together while the original members were all still at St. Albans Grammar School. After winning a local talent competition they were given an opportunity to record by Decca. Their first single, penned by keyboardist Argent, was an immediate hit although it never quite reached the top ten in the UK. A number of superbly crafted singles followed- mostly written by Rod Argent or bassist Chris White. Surprisingly, none of these was to rise higher than #42 on their home ground.

    The frustrated Zombies fared rather better in the US, doubtless buoyed up by the 'British invasion' which was then at its peak. Nevertheless, this success quickly faded too and the underrated combo broke up at the end of 1967. They enjoyed one further chart entry during 1969 with the brilliant 'Time Of The Season' which gave them the biggest hit of their career reaching #3 in the USA. Sadly, it did little to raise the level of appreciation shown by British record buyers and no further singles releases ensued.

    Pictured left is the extraordinarily rare Zombies EP from 1965 (DFE 8598). As it didn't sell too well when it was first released, collectors of Zombies material have to be prepared to considerably lighten their wallets to obtain a copy nowadays.
    Rod Argent and Hugh Grundy set about the formation of a new group based around the musical talents of the brilliant keyboardist and appropriately named 'Argent'. Colin Blunstone decided to try his luck as a solo vocalist. After a slow start- all achieved a level of success during the 1970s and their Zombies output has become quite sought after- particularly the later, uncharted singles. Rod Argent's 'She's Not There' has proved a popular number with other artists and it has been remade on several occasions- most notable is the version by the American group 'Santana' during 1977.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

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    • See Lower List for EP releases.
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    Decca F11940 1964 She's Not There/ You Make Me Feel Good #12
    Decca F12004 1964 Leave Me Be/ Woman  
    Decca F12072 1965 Tell Her No/ What More Can I Do #42
    Decca F12125 1965 She's Coming Home/ I Must Move  
    Decca F12225 1965 Whenever You're Ready/ I Love You  
    Decca F12296 1965 Is This The Dream/ Don't Go Away  
    Decca F12322 1966 Remember You/ Just Out Of Reach  
    Decca F12426 1966 Indication/ How We Were Before  
    Decca F12495 1966 Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself/ The Way I Feel Inside  
    Decca F12584 1967 Goin' Out Of My Head/ She Does Everything For Me  
    Decca F12798 1968 I Love You/ The Way I Feel Inside  
    CBS 2960 1967 Friends Of Mine/ Beechwood Park  
    CBS 3087 1967 Care Of Cell 44/ Maybe After He's Gone  
    CBS 3380 1968 Time Of The Season/ I'll Call You Mine  

    EP Discography

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    Decca DFE 8598 1965 "The Zombies"  
    Kind Of Girl/Sometimes/It's Alright/Summertime

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