Billie Davis

  • Real Name: Carole Hedges
  • Birth Date: 22nd December 1945
  • Birth Place: Woking Surrey
  • Billie Davis was a vivacious and talented performer who probably deserved far more success in her 1960's singles career than she achieved. She was in many ways an archetypal sixties girl- dressing and behaving very much in keeping with the optimism and free thinking of the period. Her version of 'Tell Him' looked like it could mark the beginning of a major career for the young artist. However, she was lucky to survive a car crash involving herself and bass guitarist 'Jet Harris'- an accident that could easily have terminated both their careers.

    Apart from her own solo output, she appeared on record with other artists too. Her first taste of success came with Mike Sarne's 'Will I What' on which she shares credit for her notable, but small, vocal contribution. She later joined forces with a singer from Birmingham called Keith Powell- together they cut some unsuccessful singles under the name of 'Keith And Billie' (See Obscure Artists Discography).

    Billie's biggest hit was her first solo release, but several of her other records should have finished higher too. Her music moved with the times and her late 1960s output was very different from the novelty she had cut with Sarne. Although she reached the chart during 1968, her soulish versions of 'Angel In The Morning' and 'Nights In White Satin' deserved a better fate. In fact all her singles are worth seeking out.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Decca F11572 1963 Tell Him/ I'm Thankful #10
    Decca F11658 1963 He's The One/ VIP #40
    Columbia DB7115 1963 Bedtime Stories/ You And I  
    Columbia DB7195 1964 That Boy John/ Say Nothin' Don't Tell  
    Columbia DB7246 1964 School Is Over/ Give Me Love  
    Columbia DB7346 1964 Watcha Gonna Do/ Everybody Knows  
    Piccadilly 7N35227 1965 Last One To Be Loved/ You Don't Know  
    Piccadilly 7N35266 1965 No Other Baby/ Hands Off  
    Piccadilly 7N35308 1966 Heart And Soul/ Don't Take All Night  
    Piccadilly 7N35350 1966 Just Walk In My Shoes/ Ev'ry Day  
    Decca F12620 1967 Wasn't It You/ /Until It's Time For You To Go  
    Decca F12696 1967 Angel Of The Morning/ Darling Be Home Soon  
    Decca F12823 1968 I Want You To Be My Baby/ Suffer #33
    Decca F12870 1969 I'll Come Home/ Make The Feeling Go Away  
    Decca F12923 1969 I Can Remember/ Nobody's Home To Go Home To  
    Decca F12977 1969 Nights In White Satin/ It's Over  

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